Embedded System

ThinkLABS comes out with an exhaustive hand on Training and Internship program on Embedded Systems, based on the actual Industry demands. This course would provide the participants knowledge and experience on the fast growing field of Embedded Systems. The program is an ideal foundation for Engineering, Diploma and Science students striving to enter this exciting field.


6 Days Training Program followed by 25 days self guided project work.


Why should you attend WIRES - Embedded System?

  • The Indian semiconductor and embedded design industry is projected to grow from $3.3 billion in 2005 to $43 billion in 2015.
  • This tremendous rate of growth will require a large number of skilled professionals.
  • Expansion plans by MNCs and NASSCOM suggest embedded systems to be the next sunrise sector.


Some more reason to attend this course

  • It's a perfect way to start off with micro controllers and the embedded system domain.
  • Get experienced with AVR series micro controller.
  • Learn embedded C programming, which has displaced assembly language as the de facto standard in the embedded industry.
  • In-depth knowledge of embedded software and programming.
  • Chance to become a potential embedded geek.
  • Good for people who want to build projects in the field of embedded system, microcontroller based applications.

Take Away Kit
The programming platform (Kit) will include
  • UniBoard - An AVR based Development Board
  • Serial Cable
  • USB Cable

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Embedded system

  • Introduction to Embedded systems
  • Exposure to different architectures (RISC vs. CISC)
  • Why AVR? (Advantages, philosophy, architecture)
  • Board details and specifications (ATMega128 based development board)
  • Understanding system clock and fuse bits
  • Using various utilities like avr-gcc, avrdude under Linux
  • Using Linux terminal


Embedded C Programming

  • Using Gedit
  • Working with makefiles
  • Configuring gtkterm for serial data handling (UART)
  • Understanding AVR instruction set
  • Assembly vs. C
  • C programming for AVR
    • Introduction to C, Flow control statements, functions
    • Data Types, operators and expressions
    • Variable scope, Qualifiers and Modifiers
    • Program structures
      • Initialization
      • Pre-processor directives
      • Macros vs. functions
    • Pointers, Arrays
  • Exploring controller specific features under Embedded C
    • Exploring micro-controller board features
      • Configuring and controlling I/O Ports
      • Timers
      • Interrupts and Polling vs. Interrupt driven approaches
      • ADC based applications
      • Supported communication protocols
        • UART (RS-232)
        • SPI based multi-board communication
      • Reading and writing EEPROM

Check the Schedule and Register

For Registering for the course, you need to visit our website www.thinklabs.in and register for Winter Training and Internship 2013-14, by selecting your preferred: COURSE and BATCH and submit with all your details.On doing so, you would receive an email which would confirm your Partial Registration. This email would clearly mention the COURSE and BATCH selected by you. The process so far is called Partial Registration as the fee is yet to be payed.


Payment for the Course

To complete your registration procedure, you need to pay the fees for the course using any one of the payment methods mentioned in Payment Mode. If you are a group of students and need a group discount, then it is mandatory to pay your fees together in one single transaction. For group discount details Click Here.


Informing us regarding Fee payment

Update us regarding your fee payment by emailing the Transaction details or Scan copy of UBI Bank deposit slip to: info.mum@thinklabs.in

Confirmation of Course

Once we receive your email about Fee payment details , will send you an Confirmation mail for the course selected by you within 2-3 working days.


Course Fees

With Kit : Rs.11000/-
Without Kit : Rs.8000/-


Payment Mode 1 :

Direct Fee deposition @ ThinkLABS Technosolutions Pvt Ltd
Address:113/114,1st Floor ,Phulora CHSL Opp IIT Main Gate, Powai Mumbai 400 076
Ph: +91-22-61344444.
Email: info@thinklabs.in


Payment Mode 2 :

Online Electronic Fund Transfer -
NEFT: Transfer funds through Internet banking (NEFT Payment transfer)
Account Name: Thinklabs Technosolutions Private Limited
Account Number: 566805010000111
UBI Bank Branch: Powai Branch
IFSC Code: UBIN0556688 (This code is required for NEFT)
Account Type: CASH CREDIT A/C
Pan No : AACCT5434C
Note: Please Email us your transaction details to info.mum@thinklabs.in after doing NEFT Payment transfer.


Payment Mode 3 :

Direct Cash/Cheque/DD deposit in any of the UBI bank near you.
Account Name: Thinklabs Technosolutions Private Limited
Account Number: 566805010000111
UBI Bank Branch:Powai Branch
IFSC Code: UBIN0556688 (This code is required for NEFT)
Account Type: CASH CREDIT A/C
Pan No : AACCT5434C
Note: Please send us the scanned copy of the bank slip as an Email to info.mum@thinklabs.in

Group Discount :

OptionsWith take awayWithout take away
3 students700500
4-6 Students1000700
7-10 Students1200800

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Q: What is Winter Training & Internship Program - 2013-14?
This is an ideal internship opportunity for the students as it provides in depth fundamental knowledge and exposing students to practical working environments of the industry.

Q: What is the Course Structure?
Winter Training Internship Program is an 6 days training program for 4 hours daily followed by 20 days of Project work(Project work can be carried out from your home as well)
It is not a placement oriented course

Q: Which are the courses offered in WIRES-2013-14?
Winter Training and Internship Program - Mobile Robotics
Winter Training and Internship Program - Embedded Systems
Winter Training and Internship Program - Real Time Operating System using μC/OS II
Winter Training and Internship Program - Arm Programming
Winter Training and Internship Program - Advance Embedded System

Q: What CERTIFICATION will I get after completing any of the WIRES-2013-14 courses?
Every student attending the program and submitting the project after the training, CERTIFICATE of INTERNSHIP would be provided for a month for the respective domain, failing which only CERTIFICATE of TRAINING would be provided.Certificate would be Courier at the address provided by you.

Q: How can I register & Pay for the Course?
You can check the Tab under Admission procedure and accordingly follow the steps for the admission.

Q:Is it possible to change/transfer my batch after registration?
You can change or shift the batch after registration but with a valid reason and for the same you need to drop us a mail at info.mum@thinklabs.in and call us. Certain Cancellation and transfer charges would be applicable, which would be mention in your admission confirmation receipt.

Q: Is there a provision to get refund of my fees? In which case am I entitled to claim a refund?
Yes, If due to some unavoidable reason you could not able to attend the course, you can claim for refund under certain terms & conditions.
To cancel or refund your admission for the program you will need to inform us about your the cancellation via mail @ info.mum@thinklabs.in & call.
If request of cancellation/refund is given 1 week prior to the commencement date,cancellation charges Rs 2000 will be deducted from your fees & rest amount will be refunded after training program is over.
If request of cancellation is given less than 1 week prior to the commencement date,cancellation charges Rs 2500 will deducted from your fees & rest will be refunded after training program is over.
It will take 45 working days for your refund after the Course completion.
Please note:In case we don't receive any request of cancellation from you via mail & call,no refund will be given to you.

Q: Is there any accommodation facility provided ? If yes, what is the cost for it?

Yes, Accommodation assistance would be provided for the outstation students.We have 2 options for the accommodation:


  • IITBombay Hostel: Would completely depend on the availability.
  • PG Sharing Basis: On Sharing basis near the center in an nominal price. Price would arrange from 375-500 Rs per person per day.If you need accommodation facility, then kindly send an email to info.mum@thinklabs.in requesting for the same after the payment or while confirming us the payment.

Q:What If we are in a Group ? Is their any Group Discount.
As its an Individual training Program, but students coming in group can avail GROUP Discount on the fee as shown in the table below:
Number of Students in GroupWith Take Away Kit OptionWithout Take Away Kit Option
3 students700500
4-6 Students1000700
7-10 Students1200800

Q: How would the Project work?
After the completion of the 6 days training program, you would be given a project to work upon for 20 days on the respective domain. List of Project would be given by us, you need to select one of them and work upon or if you have any idea you can share with the faculty and work on the same.

Q: For Project Submission as well we need to come to Thinklabs personally? Group project or Individual project?
NO, You can submit the Project Online as well via mail.
You can work on Individual Project or Group Project .( group should consist of 3 individual)

In case of any further query mail us info.mum@thinklabs.in


"It is very impressive , innovative and highly useful for both the teacher and student community."

-Principal, SSM Lakshmiammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Komarapalayam

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