Benefits of Eureka

Eureka is a Hands-on-Activity based science program, developed with the vision to provide learners with more opportunities to experiment, observe, question, explore and explain scientific principles and ideas. Some benefits of this program are:



  • Gives students sensory experiences of relevant concepts, in addition to development of their skills and attitudes.
  • Makes students learning experiences enjoyable by designing the sequence of activities in such a way that students skills and confidence are adequately nurtured and gradually enhanced. They are able to experience success and understand while exploring and performing new activities.
  • Ensures continuity of students experiences by connecting the activity based science learning session with the daily experiences and prior knowledge of students.
  • Provides meaningful opportunities of exploration in activities to ensure that misconceptions are largely eliminated. 
  • Develops skills such as observation, comparison, thinking, classification, hypothesis and prediction, deducing inferences, application of past experiences, handling chemical materials, measurement and approximation, dexterity, spatial understanding and visualization. 
  • Helps to develop attitudes that help scientific investigations like curiosity, wonder, exploration, inquisitiveness, perseverance, creativity, taking risks and responsibility etc.






"Eureka is a well structured and well planned program which is user friendly as well as innovative. i hope it will feed our little Indians thirst of science and will create more scientists in future."

-Headmistress, SSM Lakshmiammal Nursery and Primary School, Kattuvalavu

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