Enjoyed playing games with gaming consoles like Wii, PS3 or Xbox...!!! Scratched your brain thinking how they are designed? Ever thought of designing your own play station... We welcome you to ThinkLABS to explore, learn and design your very own games.Organize Embedded Gaming workshop in your college with ThinkLABS and let your students design their own gaming consoles, design their own games and explore the world of gaming. Embedded Gaming is all about designing gaming consoles!!! We will explore the architecture of existing gaming consoles like Microsoft-Kinect Xbox, Nintendo-Wii and Sony-PS3, learning how to design your own advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices that control your game. Astute programming and our guidance will ensure your success in having developed your own games and gaming consoles!!! This workshop will give participants a detailed exposure to Gaming Console designing. We will focus on the use of Gaming Libraries and accelerometers to design interesting and useful games.

Key Features:

  • Designing advance Human Machine Interface(HMI) device using Accelerometer
  • Understanding need for using gaming library
  • Designing own games compatible with designed HMI

Duration:- 2 days (16 hours)

Day 1

  • AVR programming and using Gaming library
  • Understanding AVR UART and using it to send/receive data
  • Using AVR ADC to read data from accelerometer
  • Designing and using own gaming console
  • Introduction to Gaming library framework
  • Using gaming library functions

Day 2

  • Game designing
  • Design of gaming consoles like Wii, Xbox
  • Studying standard gaming terminologies like object movement, object collision etc.
  • Designing games like:
    • Shooting
    • Arkanoid
    • Shuffle puck and much more


  • ATmega 16/32 based development board
  • A 3-axis accelerometer
  • AVR ISP programmer
  • DB-9 serial cable
  • 9V DC Power adapter


Take away material:

  • CD with datasheets of different components
  • Comprehensive reading material
  • Various useful software for designing and programing


Individual Participation/Team Participation (team of 4 students)

Participants will receive joint "Certificate of Participation" from ThinkLABS at the end of the workshop.

Please share your information on the link and our representative will get in touch with you.

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