eTRIx is the ideal way to spice up theoretical concepts in electronics with the dynamicity of robotics through a 2 day workshop, focusing on the art of building autonomous robots out of discrete electronic components. Participants apply concepts learnt in classrooms in new & interesting ways, creating simple yet seemingly complex task performing robotic creatures. The workshop inculcates numerous hands-on sessions on designing, analysing & building circuits that form basic building blocks for different robots. This workshop is ideal for beginners and enthusiats who want to enter and explore the emerging field of robotics.

  • Practical application on a specially designed kit
  • Interesting ways to create simple to complex robotic creaturess
  • Guidance provided for advance level applications/programs
  • Personal attention provided to each & every participant
  • Introduction to multiple robotics behaviors

Duration:- 2 days (16 hours)

    Day 1
  • Introduction to Robotics and basics of robot construction
  • Basics of electronics and RC circuits
  • OP-AMP based sensors designing
  • Building line following robot
    Day 2
  • Different types of Motors
  • Transistor based motor driver
  • IC 555 based sensor designing
  • Building obstacle avoiding robot


  • DC geared Motors - 2
  • Motor Driver Board
  • Power Supply Kit
  • Battery Holders with relevant connectors
  • Robust chassis
  • Breadboard
  • Line sensor - 2
  • TSOP Sensors - 2


Take away material:

  • CD with datasheets of different components and various useful software
  • Comprehensive reading material
  • Printed manual for building your own robot

Individual Participation/Team Participation (team of 4 students)

Participants will receive joint "Certificate of Participation" from ThinkLABS at the end of the workshop.

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