ThinkLABS comes up with yet another innovative workshop to hone your microcontroller skills with one of the most interesting transducers available, the accelerometer. These days the accelerometer is almost everywhere: in your phones, gaming consoles, PDAs, music players, digital cameras and where not!! It also finds the most varied industrial uses in construction, vehicle collisions, health monitoring machinery, braking systems, navigation, image stabilization etc. Keeping this in mind, ThinkLABS has designed this workshop to train students on the concepts of AVR microcontrollers (ATmega16/32) including UART and ADC and design advanced applications based on the accelerometer. Candidates will learn to interface the accelerometer with their microcontrollers and get it to work in some cool applications (designed by the candidates themselves). This program assumes the student to have done some homework on microcontrollers and is ideal for those of you who wish do more with your controller.

Key Features:

  • Controlling a robot with hand gestures
  • Two wheel balancing robot
  • Free fall detection and control action
  • Tilt Measurement using MMA7361
  • LED intensity control

Duration:- 2 days (16 hours)

Day 1

AVR programming

  • Using programmers notepad & make files
  • Basic I/O using microcontrollers
  • Understanding AVR UART and using it to send/receive data
  • Using AVR ADC to read data from accelerometer

Day 2


  • Accelerometer basics
  • Working of MMA7361
  • Interfacing MMA7361 with microcontroller
  • Applications of accelerometer
  • Using the MMA7361 to control actuators





  • ATmega 16/32 based development board
  • AVR ISP programmer
  • Robust chassis
  • Pair of geared DC motors with clamps & wheels
  • 9V DC Power adapter
  • 'G' Board (Accelerometer)


Take away material:

  • CD & Handout material will be provided as take away

Individual Participation/Team Participation (team of 4 students)

Participants will receive joint "Certificate of Participation" from ThinkLABS at the end of the workshop.

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