If you wish to upgrade your knowledge of Embedded System designing from just micro-controller programming to advance Embedded System designing, here is an ideal course for you! Join RTOS programming workshop, a 2 day course demonstrating the use of RTOS, to design sophisticated ES.

Expected background:
Sound knowledge of C, knowledge of AVR programming would be an added advantage

Key Features:

  • Practical implementation of different theory concepts with demonstration
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Real Time System design concepts
  • µC/OS-II features

Duration (2 days - 16 hour)

Day 1:

  1. Embedded C programming with AVR
    • AVR Architecture
    • IO ports
    • Configuring UART
  2. UART
    • Using UART header file
    • Using VT library
    • Using ADC
  3. Introduction to RTOS
    • What it is? + Why we use it? + What is the need + Applications
    • Time Management
    • Muti-tasking (Task Management- (LED Blinking + UART))

Day 2:

  1. Resource management
    • Using semaphore
    • Mutex
  2. Case study
    • Snake game design using RTOS


  • ATmega 64 based USB programmable development board
  • USB cable
  • DB-9 serial cable
  • FRC cable

Take away material:

  • CD with datasheets of different components and various useful software & drivers
  • uNiBoard user manual
  • Comprehensive reading material

Individual Participation/Team Participation (team of 4 students)

Participants will receive joint "Certificate of Participation" from ThinkLABS at the end of the workshop.

Please share your information on the link and our representative will get in touch with you.
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