About Company

ThinkLABS Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd.  (www.thinklabs.in) , as the name indicates, is indeed a company, where thoughts and ideas to improve learning & education in India are incubated and in-depth research is conducted to come up with cutting-edge solutions for education & learning. ThinkLABS is the pioneer of hands-on science and technology education in India. Founded by an IIT-Bombay Graduate and techpreneur in 2006, ThinkLABS is on a mission to excite young minds towards science and technology education.

ThinkLABS was empanelled with Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) IIT Bombay, from

where it started its operations.

ThinkLABS school division is emerging as an evangelist in the school education sector, with a mission to simplify complex concepts in science through hands-on learning to students.


In a short span, ThinkLABS has partner with close to three hundred progressive school across 23 states in India and touched the lives of 100000 school students.
ThinkLABS is motivating students towards science and re-inventing education in technology arena.


1.         Conducting robotic classes & training programme with school teachers & students

2.       Interaction with teachers and clients (schools).

3.     Travelling all over the region whenever required for providing training to clients.

4.      Reporting on the outcomes and impact of the training

5.    Taking class observations